We aren't bluffing.
We really do build products.

We have a wide array of experience when it comes to building complex software. We've had the pleasure of building products for founders and teams around the world in almost every industry. Have a look for yourself.


Our Proof


Feathery is a product and SAAS startup built and operated top to bottom by the Dignified team. It allows any Javascript SPA or dynamic application to be automatically deployed and indexed by all search engines. Some JS technologies prevent search engines and social sites access the content on the page, Feathery takes care of everything automatically. It was built with an AWS infrastructure with serverless methods and load balanced deployments. Frontend built on Angular 8 and a fully REST Python Django API.

Null to Zero

Dignified created the podcast, Null to Zero, as a way to share our expertise in creating companies from nothing. We specialize in teaching founders and teams a proper product process for their stage, what metrics to focus on, and the most important engineering work to do today to prove their thesis and get to the next business milestone. This podcast is a way to share tidbits in a commuter friendly way (10 - 20 minute episodes you can listen to on the way to work to get inspired!) on creating great companies with a focus on product and engineering.


Wikileaf is a platform for discovering the best strain, type, and location of cannabis near you. Their challenge was a complete re-platform from wordpress + a lot of plugins to a new and scalable tech stack as they grew their team and brand globally. Dignified lead the architecture, replatforming work, and stayed on through full deployment of the new tech. This included building entirely new features and deprecating some others. Our focus was Product, Engineering, and hiring support. This helped Wikileaf get their revenue generating features started, finish raising capital, and hire engineering talent for the future.


Homeroom is an online platform for managing a school's enrichment programs. When Dignified was involved we were supporting Homeroom's investor, CoVenture, through Product and Engineering work, including training and teaching the product processes and hiring. Dignified helped build an MVP to test their thesis, setup product management processes, and talent acquisition. Ultimately we delivered an MVP they tested in market which helped them learn more about their business and execute a successful pivot to what Homeroom is today. As well as raised follow on funding via a Series A.

Maxim Capital Group

Maxim Capital Group (MCG) is a financial services company providing high net worth clients and their family offices with many products and services. Dignified was contracted through CoVenture one of their investors to help build a software solution to manage all operations on a specific product set focused on informing clients of unique opportunities for their capital. For example; messaging clients with a prospectus about a new mall being built in NYC and securing a minimum threshold of ~50M USD from various investors in order to break ground. The system handled all communications, payments in and out, and the various mathematics required.


GoodTalk is a way to broadcast your group texts so others can 'listen in'. Dignified joined as they raised their first seed round to lead Product and Engineering alongside the founder and their first hire, a Product Designer. Our team delivered a working prototype in 3 days to allow the founder to attend pitch meetings, lead product and engineering process, talent acquisition, and early metrics and thesis testing for the product. This helped GoodTalk raised their follow on funding, get a strong process in place early, and ultimate pivot to their new name and business models. (They used to be called Thread!)


LoveStoriesTV is the place to go and watch wedding videos and everything surrounding the big day. Dignified was involved on the product side, no engineering this time, where they lead initial product decisions as they pivoted the business model more towards a platform for all your wedding needs. It started as a place to highlight videographers as wedding dreamers came to watch videos and get connected to those who made the wedding films. By the end of Dignified's engagement they had replatformed, selected a new video player (millions of views a month!), hired engineering and product, and raised a significant Series A.


TeamPay is a fintech software startup helping companies quickly and effectively manage their expenses. After their seed funding round, Dignified helped their development team create their internal dashboards. TeamPay has since raised additional rounds of funding and are growing very quickly.


ExecThread is a private network to help C level executives find the their dream career. Before their public release, Dignified helped their CTO and development team by offering Engineering Management as a staff augmentation. ExecThread has since raised additional funding and is growing everyday.


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If you would like to get a hold of us, please feel free to email us at goodday@wearedignified.com or send us a message below. We will be sure to respond as soon as possible.