There's Value in Desk Objects

April 22, 2020 Brandon Waselnuk 2 min read

TL;DR - Find your creative muses, personally I think the fun stuff on my desk helps a lot in my day to day work.


My desk is covered with do-dads, curios, and a weird stress ball rubber duck I won at an arcade a long time ago; when you crush it, it inflates itself back to it's normal form and I love it.

Ok, so what's the point? Personally being quarantined right now I find the memories these objects remind me of, most are acquired through travel and gifts from loved ones, to be a great mood booster throughout my day. Also, the stress duck really does help when I hit some gnarly problems and I want to squish something.

And really, with what's going on in our daily lives; the monotony of being inside a lot, no one to talk to regularly (yes talking to the stress duck happens as well), and looking out windows to quiet streets - who doesn't want some fun and variety at their workspace?

So please, share your desks / workspaces with me on twitter! My collection has inspired me many times when stuck on creative blocks by helping me get into a different state of mind or just helping with an escape to a fond memory.