The World Needs You to Create

April 29, 2020 Brandon Waselnuk 1 min read

TL;DR - Times are tough with COVID-19 do not let this slow you down. Our world needs acts of creativity more than ever right now, so please make something today!

Make something today.


Really, though. The act of creating anything will motivate you when you're done. Even if you just grab a scrap of paper and write yourself a haiku for the sake of it.

The act of creation will improve your mood, mental state, and even can boost your immune system. Seems wild right? Give it a try.

As a species we're facing a pretty weird time right now with COVID-19 forcing us to stay inside. We need more creativity, art, stories, and just more fun in our lives as we deal with quarantine and anxiety.

So make something today. Reap the benefits and maybe start a great new 15 minute morning ritual to get your day going, creatively.

The world needs you to create, I need you to create. So tweet me what you make and stay safe!