You Should be Listening More

November 13, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 1 min read

I have a problem with excitement. I get really into an idea or problem space and run around telling people everything I’ve learned about it in a “Can you believe this?!” kind of way.

The problem is you should listen more than you speak.

Especially with your customers.

Take notes, get an audio recorder, whatever you need to do to make sure you are really listening and can get to important information again later.

When we practice active listening it shows you care, you’ll also avoid biasing your customer if you’re planning to ask them questions / are interviewing them, and — they know what you don’t know, you should be learning from them not flexing your knowledge for your own ego.

Try it today, ask more questions and take more notes. It’s OK not speaking. In fact, after a time, it’s much better. Learning this soft skill has help me tremendously over the years.

And I hope it will help you too. Kill the ego, learn from others, practice humility, and listen to people — it’ll even make your parents proud.