Notice the Little Things

November 11, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 2 min read

This is likely good general life advice as well as product based; Notice the little things.

On a customer visit to see how they are using your new beta product? Pay close attention to the users’ desks. Do they have a lot of notebooks lying around? Chances are if your fancy VC backed SaaS app is supposed to make work efficient and they have a ton of notebooks you might have missed something that a user can’t even explain to you.

You have to simply notice and ask unbiased questions. Dig deeper than the surface level of people telling you ‘the product is great!’ go beyond that. Get to a place where your irreplaceable.

Ask them “If I turned the product off tomorrow, what would you do?” If you are not met with resounding “I don’t know how I would do my job” or at least “I don’t know how I’d accomplish this part of my job” then you need to keep digging.

Notice how your customer shies away from giving constructive criticism, then go there as fast as you can — you need to hear this.

The same way a talented magician controls your focus; don’t let lavish and praise from customers keep you away from where you can learn.

Notice the little things, then ask big questions, then usually keep asking why till you find the root of a behaviour. Then make it better.