Get Inspired

April 21, 2020 Brandon Waselnuk 3 min read

TL;DR - Get inspired to lead in the face of adversity. We even wrote a list of some fun ideas you could swipe and start working on. Stay positive.


We're facing one of the biggest Black Swan events in our lifetime right now. Most people I've spoken with have expressed their anxiety, uncertainty, and general malaise at being at home all day everyday.

There's no punchline here, this current pandemic is our reality and we need to fight it as best we collectively can - so stay home.

However, there's no reason to stop creating. In fact, it's time to build.

Great products, businesses, and people arise out of the most difficult situations, every - single - time. History shows us that some people lean into turbulent times and see a new future, it's just around the corner when we've finished beating COVID-19.

Will you be ready?

Get inspired, build something if for no other reason than the act of creation. Then use that momentum to breathe life into your daily activities; be it work, raising your children, caregiving, making a new company, or your studies.

Now is the time to put something new into the world, encourage building instead of despair.

And if you're fresh out of ideas here's a swipe list for you to jam off of:

  • The world has adapted to remote work, what can you create that would make this better / easier for everyone?
    • A simple text guide that explains how to properly use Zoom / Google Meet / any other video conferencing solution
    • A short text or video guide that shows what settings to enable and disable to secure your virtual meetings
  • People are struggling to make ends meet even with government stimulus, how can you help them?
    • are you an expert in personal finance / chef / personal trainer / pretty much any other occupation - create content that shows people how to still get what they need but with less dollars
  • It's very hard to truly relax right now, I can't seem to escape my negative thought patterns, how can you help reduce anxiety?
    • Most leading meditation apps are offering free content now, can you create more? Or bundle them into easier to digest packages for those new to meditation?
    • Make a reminder app to drop your shoulders, they're probably up near your ears right now - let go of that stress!

The world needs leadership more than ever right now - lead by doing and people will notice.