Consider Other Perspectives

November 8, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 2 min read

At this point if you’ve read one blog on Product Management you’ve likely seen the discussion around ‘thinking like your users’. This is valuable advice.

What some miss out on though is to consider the other perspectives around the user. Every human has a group around them;

  • B2C — Think of their family and friends
  • B2B — Consider the decision makers that support any purchasing decision
  • B2E — There’s probably a group of 15 people who pick what gets used over a really long period of time >3 months

How can you build systems in your product to help inform these other perspectives? Often it’s Marketing that supports this cause, with great content that’s easy for sharing. They call them Customer Champions, the person you’ve convinced inside a company who then helps you sell your product by sending around high quality information to key decision makers.

Product positioning helps tremendously in this effort as well. Properly crafted positioning will get people to yes much faster and more efficiently for your sales and marketing teams.

Consider other perspectives — You may have the CEO bought in but if her Board isn’t a fan or the CFO says no, you’ve got a mountain to climb to get to yes.