Check Your Biases

November 18, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 2 min read

In regards to product, cognitive bias can be very impactful on the quality of the decision you make. Many great product leaders I know have a chart printed somewhere near by to remind them of all the ways their brain is messing with them.

Here’s an exhaustive list of biases for you.

Our brains are pretty powerful organs; sometimes that means it creates shortcuts and subliminal processes in order to help us get through the day and process incredible amounts of information quickly. This includes habits and biases — they are simply tools to help us. Unfortunately they are not always helpful.

When creating products you have to check that bias or you will default to something you might know and understand that your market(s) do not.

This week pick just one bias from the list and try to see how it shows up in your decision making unprompted, if you catch it write down when and what prompted it. You’ll get better and better at noticing when they show up to play if you do this.

Bonus: some of my personal favourite biases:

P.S. Don’t go too deep down the wiki thread clicking on this one. Biases are something to check in on for a very long time, you’ll likely never understand all of them deeply.
But if you do really enjoy learning and reading about these concepts check out Solipsism and things start getting really weird. Everyone does construct their own reality and you can only ever be sure of yours ;)