It's Better to be Hated than Unimportant

November 12, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 1 min read

Building products is a funny thing. You spend a lot of time researching, planning, interviewing, etc; only to release something no one cares about. How do you fix that?

In my experience it’s much better to have your product be hated, smeared across the twitter verse and so on — that’s valuable feedback from customers because they clearly care about the problem space you’re working on. You can do something with feedback, you can iterate, you can always get better.

But being unimportant means mediocre at best. If no one is talking about you, if no one cares. You might have built the wrong product and feedback will be hard to come by.

So make risky bets, take big swings, and try to really innovate on a problem space. Otherwise you risk being completely skipped over by the market.

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