Always be Kind

November 14, 2019 Brandon Waselnuk 2 min read

When you’re speaking to your customers, be kind.

Coworkers, definitely be kind.

Competition? You’re darn right you’re gonna be kind.

Being kind is not weakness, spending a little extra time with someone in order to try and be helpful or just hear them out is a powerful thing.

I remember every kind interaction I’ve had, especially when I was starting out and Executives at IBM would actually answer my, a student intern at the time, emails asking them for 15 minutes of face-time. I got a crash course in every side of business — Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Strategy — you name it the leaders of each unit sat with me, they were kind. I leveled up 3 times over the course of a week.

So the next time someone who doesn’t know what ‘product management’ is in your organization wants to chat over coffee, choose to be kind. It’s an opportunity for you to get better too. Just read the Feynman technique.

P.S. Some people I helped out in their early days in the Ottawa / Toronto tech ecosystem have far surpassed me by any objective measure you could think up. Now they in turn help so many others. Don’t discredit someone for not knowing what you know now. That’s ridiculous.