Our Approach

At Dignified we operate by using Squads in an Agile way to deliver robust software. We excel in both Discovery and Delivery of software - from paper sketch to millions of users.

1. Understand

Learning is critical for a successful product. By learning we discover Insights; Insights you can take to the bank. These insights inform us on what unique value we need to bring to market and customers together.

2. Ideate

Once we understand the market dynamics and user needs we can create something of value. We work with design prototypes and product tests with real users to uncover unique insights. This process is what sets products apart and makes them feel like 'magic'.

3. Build

Product vision is set, designs are locked, and real users have bought in - it's time to build. From scaling to millions or getting a minimum viable product to market, we build the right sized application. Communication between engineering, product, design, and stakeholders is key to a successful build.

4. Iterate

When in market with constant user feedback we listen, iterate, and deploy often. Arguably this step never ends, but don't stress, it's a lot of fun to build in public. Whether it's a tweak to a few pixels or a full pivot, Dignified is there to support.